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Local Business Research Summary

  • I thoroughly researched a local Kansas City store and wrote an analysis detailing why the business would be a good marketing target for the University of Kansas Endowment.
  • Assignment scenario: KU Endowment (KUE) is looking to cultivate local business owners as new donors. As a KUE communications intern, you have been asked to write a memo about a local business and its owners. In addition to background information, the memo needs to articulate three arguments that KUE fundraising staff can use to convince these owners to become KUE donors. The arguments need to be based on the research you conduct.

TO: Michelle Keller, assistant vice president, Communications and Donor Relations

FROM: Abdullah Al-Awhad Lawrence, Communications intern 

DATE: Feb.14, 2022

SUBJECT: Coki Bijoux as a potential community partner

As part of our efforts to cultivate local business owners for our Community Partnership Program, I researched Coki Bijoux, a jewelry store in Kansas City, Missouri.

The Business

Coki Bijoux is a jewelry store in Kansas City, Missouri. It is open by appointment only. It also provides online options.

The business is:

·       Located at 115 W. 18th Street, Suite 105,

Kansas City, MO 64108

·       Open by appointment only. Online orders are available.

·       Has one location only.

·      Listed in the Jayhawk Business Directory.

The Owners

Coki Bijoux is owned by two KU graduates: Karen Burton and Coki Reardon. Reardon decided to team up with her college friend, Burton, and opened the store in 2015, according to the Coki Bijoux website

After graduating from KU, Reardon began her “formal study of jewelry making in Paris in 1990 while apprenticing under the independent ‘bijoutier’ Thierry de Bourqueney,” according to the Coki Bijoux website. The trip inspired Reardon to mimic the Parisian style in her store.

Burton manages the business side while Reardon focuses on design and creativity, based on their LinkedIn profiles, which are linked with their names above, as well as a story on Her Life Magazine.

Coki Bijoux is located in the Crossroads Arts District, among many other shops. Prices range between $30 to $3,600 per item.

It has an active account of 2,591 followers on Instagram and a Facebook page that has a much smaller audience of 676 followers, rated (4.5/5).

Why target Coki Bijoux?

Coki Bijoux seems like a business we should target for three reasons:

  1. The Burtons and Reardon have disposable income. Reardon works another job as director of enterprise system at Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC, according to Reardon’s LinkedIn profile and Centralized Supply Chain Services website. Douglas Burton, Karen’s husband, is a licensed physician and currently works at the KU Medical Center, according to his profile on KUMC.
  1.  Karen Burton has a history of donating to KU. Burton is listed as a KU Alumni Association life member, according to the Kansas Alumni Magazine (2008 edition). Moreover, she has maintained her connection with the university. Coki Bijoux was mentioned in the Kansas Alumni Magazine (2018 edition). Coki Bijoux is also registered with Jayhawk Business Directory.

Reardon has a special connection to French art and culture, and that is her whole idea for starting her business, according to her bio on the Coki Bijoux website. Reardon might be interested in donating to a KU study abroad program in France. KU Endowment could also persuade Reardon by saying the money would go to students who are interested in French art or those who are majoring in French.

Abdullah T. Al-Awhad 
University of Kansas Endowment Communications Intern


Published by Abdullah Al-Awhad

Abdullah Al-Awhad is the editor for the Open Kansan and is a sophomore majoring in journalism (news & information) and political science. Al-Awhad worked as a senior reporter for the University Daily Kansan and later joined the Open Kansan. He will now continue the Open Kansan founder Wesley Cudney's mission to inform students at the University of Kansas.

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