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Public Records Research Summary

I accessed public records through the state of Missouri, including the Missouri business entity records and the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds, to research a local store. I also conducted a background check that included arrest, imprisonment, voter registration records for the owners.

This is a summary of my public records research on Coki Bijoux, a jewelry store in Kansas City, Missouri, which I wrote for my Information Exploration class.



Subject: Coki Bijoux


This is Abdullah Al-Awhad. As requested, you will find three story ideas that I came up with from the background check and public record search that I worked on this week. 

Coki Bijoux 

According to Missouri Secretary of State, Business Entity Search, Coki Bijoux is a business located in Missouri. Here are details:

Charter No.: LC0692846

  • Registered Agent: Reardon, Coleen Terese
  • 1732 Madison
  • Kansas City, MO 64108
  • Office has been open since 10/20/2005

Coleen (Coki) Reardon

Coleen Reardon is the registered agent and owner of Coki Bijoux. It appears that Coleen goes by Coki. Several cues lead to that conclusion. The most important of which is Coki Reardon’s connection to Jean Toumi on Facebook, the person who shares Coleen Reardon’s house ownership.

No voting registration records for Reardon were found in either Kansas or Missouri, according to Missouri voter registration & Kansas Voter Registration. This might be due to lack of information as there is no verifiable information regarding Coleen Reardon’s birthdate.

There are no arrest/inmate records of Reardon or Toumi in Jackson County, which is where she resides, or in federal prisons, according to Federal Penitentiary Inmates and Jackson County Detention Center.

Reardon seems to be sharing her house with Jean (John) Toumi. According to Jackson County Recorder of Deeds, both Reardon and Toumi own the house.

Reardon’s house

1732 Madison is owned by Coleen Reardon, according to Jackson County Real Estate Sales Search.

According to a deed of release on Jackson County Recorder of Deeds , Reardon and Jean Toumi paid $152,000.00 back to US Bank National Association in 2016. Reardon officially owned her house.

It appears that Reardon has taken multiple mortgages from multiple banks since the early 2000s, according to about 20 documents on Jackson County Recorder of Deeds.

The documents indicate that Reardon is not married, even though Reardon and Toumi share the house’s ownership, according to documents on Jackson County Recorder of Deeds.

Here are Google Earth screenshots of Reardon’s house. 

Parcel number: 29-410-06-21-02-0-00-000

The Bauer Machine Works

The Bauer is located in the Art District in Kansas City, Missouri, according to The Bauer’s website. The Bauer is a historical building that’s worth looking into. 

The Bauer dates back to 1902, according to an Articles of Incorporation document. August F. Bauer is one of three founders of The Bauer Machine Works. He owned 98 out of 100 shares. 

The Bauer’s ownership

“Ehinger Properties owns and manages over 75 properties in the Kansas City area,” according to Ehinger Properties website.

Ehinger Properties was established on 11/16/2000, according to Missouri Secretary of State, Business Entity Search

  • The registered agent: Jerome E. Murphy. 
  • Address of registered agent: 4700 Belleview Ave. Su.210 Kansas City, Mo 64112.

EP – Bauer NO. 2 LLC is registered as a business entity in Missouri Secretary of State, Business Entity Search. It was established as a business on 12/22/2003.

The registered agent: Jerome E. Murphy. 

Address of registered agent: 4700 Belleview Ave. Su.210 Kansas City, Mo 64112. 

See screenshots.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Abdullah T. Al-Awhad 

Student at the University of Kansas School of Journalism and Mass Communications




Published by Abdullah Al-Awhad

Abdullah Al-Awhad is the editor for the Open Kansan and is a sophomore majoring in journalism (news & information) and political science. Al-Awhad worked as a senior reporter for the University Daily Kansan and later joined the Open Kansan. He will now continue the Open Kansan founder Wesley Cudney's mission to inform students at the University of Kansas.

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