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Industry and Consumer Trends

I researched Exelon Corporation using NAICS, IBIS World and Mintel. I also used ProPublica and GuideStar to locate Form 990 and examine Wires Group, a trade association related to Exelon.

Exelon Corporation:

Exelon is an energy transmission company listed as a major player in the electric transmission industry, according to an IBIS World report.

  • Competitors include Pacific Gas and Electric Company and  California Edison Company.
  • Trade association: Wires Group.

Summary of Findings:

  • There should be a stronger focus on local transmission investments and planning, according to a Wires Group report.
  • Energy transmission has suffered depreciation due to lack of capital investments, according to an IBIS World report. This reasserts the first finding.
  • Natural-gas generated energy is the most commonly used source, according to an IBIS World report. Residential buildings constitute the biggest market for power transmission.

Mintel Report: IKEA offers consumers 100% renewable energy tariff

  • IKEA is offering the Big Clean Switch, which reduces consumers’ bills and provides green energy.
  • “Consumers prioritize savings over the environment,” according to data in the report.
  • IKEA’s initiative may spark similar efforts to rely on green energy in other industries, such as gyms.
  • Reports show a consumer demand to switch to greener energy.

IBIS World Report: Electric Power Transmission in the US

  • The Industry revenue for power transmission is more than $400 billion.
  • “The industry has high depreciation costs because transmission infrastructure requires significant capital investments.”
  • Energy transmission is subject to heavy federal and state regulations.
  • Exelon has a market share of %7.2 in energy transmission.
  • “IBISWorld estimates revenue to grow 4.2% in 2021 as demand from these vital downstream buyers comes back online with the gradual reopening of the economy.”

Wires Group: Value of Local Transmission planning

  • Local transmission projects require a different approach from those of regional transmission.
  • Investments in local transmission ultimately aid regional transmission.
  • Investments in local transmission achieve better resistance against weather conditions.

Published by Abdullah Al-Awhad

Abdullah Al-Awhad is the editor for the Open Kansan and is a sophomore majoring in journalism (news & information) and political science. Al-Awhad worked as a senior reporter for the University Daily Kansan and later joined the Open Kansan. He will now continue the Open Kansan founder Wesley Cudney's mission to inform students at the University of Kansas.

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