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FAQ Assignment

  • This FAQ was written as an assignment for Jour 104 (Words at Work: Writing Essentials). I chose to write an FAQ about Jour 104 itself.

J104 is one of the core classes that are offered in the school of journalism at the University of Kansas. This FAQ contains all the information that students need to know about before enrolling in this class.

Question: What is J104?

Answer: J104 (Words at Work: Writing Essentials) is a journalism course, offered by the University of Kansas, which teaches basic grammar, writing and AP style.

Q. Who should take J104?

A. J104 is typically taken by first-year journalism students, both the strategic communication track as well as the news and information track.

Q. Is J104 required?

A. Yes. J104 is required for all journalism students. 

Q. When should I take J104?

A. Because it is a prerequisite to most journalism courses, it is best taken in the first semester of your freshman year. However, some students choose to take it in the spring. Students at all levels are eligible to enroll.

Q. Why should I take J104?

A. Although this course is typically taken by journalism majors, many students who later decide to study a major other than journalism say they have benefited from this course, as it teaches writing and grammar skills that are considered interdisciplinary. Moreover, many English majors take this course, too.

Q. How difficult is J104?

A. J104 is an entry-level course. It is typically not difficult for students who have learned grammar in high school or worked on student media.

Q. Is there a final exam for J104?

A. There is no final exam for J104. However, there is a portfolio project that counts towards 5% of your grade. You will be able to develop your portfolio throughout the semester with the help of your J104 instructor, as well as other resources at the school of journalism.

Q. What should I expect if I take J104?

A. J104 students are expected to finish two quizzes every week: content and grammar. Attendance is highly important in this course, as group learning plays an important role in it. It puts a strong emphasis on in-class activities and peer-reviewing. Moreover, in-class activities count nearly as much as assignments toward a student’s grade.

Published by Abdullah Al-Awhad

Abdullah Al-Awhad is the editor for the Open Kansan and is a sophomore majoring in journalism (news & information) and political science. Al-Awhad worked as a senior reporter for the University Daily Kansan and later joined the Open Kansan. He will now continue the Open Kansan founder Wesley Cudney's mission to inform students at the University of Kansas.

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